Test and Trade Shoots

I do not do trades or unpaid tests often, but when I do, this is how I run them. If we have a shoot set up, I'll assume you've read this and agree to it. Any variations need to be discussed prior to our shoot day.

  • I deliver all images via e-mail or web gallery

  • The editing process: I ask about two weeks to finish trade shoots. It can, during my busy seasons, take up to three or four weeks, but I will always keep you informed if/when this is the case. Paid work always takes precedence over trade/test shoots.

  • Low res proofs are available on request so that you can see the entire shoot and request any additional finished images. However, proof images may not be shared except with your agent or manager for purposes of image selection.

  • A full model release must be signed by all models before shooting. In exchange for the release, you of course get a license to use the finished images for your own portfolio and self promotion.

  • Escorts: Please feel free to bring someone along to a shoot if we've not met before. I don't mind chaperones as long as they are quiet, polite and generally unobtrusive to the shoot. However, I do request that I be advised in advance that they are coming and I reserve the right to ask them to wait outside if they disrupt the shoot.

  • Prints: While the shoot itself and the post production work require only an investment of my time and creativity, prints cost me a lot of money. As of summer 2010, I do require that all prints be acquired through me and I do require that you purchase them. This is for quality control purposes after seeing far too many bad prints of my work circulating at agencies and castings. This is bad for the reputations of everyone involved. However, I do offer cut rates on standard portfolio sized prints to all parties involved in producing a test shoot. (About a dollar over what it costs me to create them.)

  • Tearsheets: If there is a possibility of getting a story published (getting tearsheet credits for the entire team!) I may ask that everyone refrain from posting photos until we explore this avenue. If a trade shoot is published and I get paid for it, the money will be divided up proportionally between myself, the model(s) and the styling team.

  • I do not under any circumstances release my RAW files or unfinished images

  • If you're under 18: I'm happy to work with under-aged models, but only with permission from both guardians, at least one of whom must be present at the shoot. Your accompanying guardian must also sign the model release. If you're under 18 and would like to set up a shoot, please have your mom or dad get in touch with me.